2016 End of Year Donations


As 2016 comes to a close, many individuals are deciding who to make their end of the year donations to.  All of us at Phoenix Assistance Dogs would be honored if you chose us for your donation.  We are a small federal non-profit (27-1914137) and our mission is to locate and train puppies to become assistance dogs for individuals living with a broad range of disabilities, who are unable to train their own assistance dogs. Highly trained assistance dogs provide greater independence in the lives of those individuals living with disabilities. PAD also assists individuals in finding and training their own assistance dogs if they desire to train their own dog.  In 2016 we had many wonderful placements we want to share with you!


Nick and ESA PAD Nantucket & Jonathon and ESA PAD Athena

Spring 2016 held two special Emotional Support Animal placements.  PAD Nantucket and PAD Athena both work in home providing daily emotional support for their partners.  Depression, anxiety, autism and other disabilities can lead someone to want the comfort and companionship of an Emotional Support Animal.  PAD’s ESA’s are trained to <CGC standards or higher and provide constant emotional support in their partners home.

This summer PAD Marcus and PAD Fisher started their assistance dog partnerships with two young women.  After their basic training, they completed Advanced Training where they perfected more than 30 cues and learned all of the necessary tasks they’d use to help their partners.  Team Training began on August 1st for Leah and PAD Marcus and Charlotte and PAD Fisher.  This intensive 15 day comprehensive training taught the teams to work together safely both at home and in public!  At the end of Team Training both teams had to pass our Public Access Certification which they will retake to continue to ensure the teams effectiveness and safety!

Leah and PAD Marcus are back in Laguna Niguel, California and just attended a multi day <EDS conference together!


Charlotte and PAD Fisher

Your end of year donation will go directly towards our future placements and is fully tax deductible.  We are 100% volunteer based and strive to keep costs very low for our teams.  Raising 1 Assistance Dog costs PAD $15,000 but each partner only pays $1,000!

  • $5- cost of training treats
  • $10- cost of bowls for new puppy in training
  • $15 – cost of one vaccine
  • $20 -cost of leash and collar for new dog in training
  • $25- cost of heartworm and flea and tick for a month for a dog in training
  • $50- cost of food for a puppy in training for a month
  • $200 for cost of hip X-rays for dog in training
  • $ any amount will help towards vet bills



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