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General Needs Assessment
Many individuals come to us seeking advice about assistance dogs. A General Needs Assessment provides you an informational crash course on assistance dogs, which addresses questions such as who is legally eligible for them, how they can mitigate a specific disability, and how they might benefit you specifically. This is a great place to start for the average individual that is just beginning the process, or for someone whose disability may fluctuate. Our interview process is designed to help you decide which breeds are ideal based on you personal lifestyle and disability needs. We’ll also consult with you to help you decide whether you’d like to train your own assistance dog (commonly referred to as Owner Training), or would prefer to seek dog fully-trained by a program such as ours.

Assistance Dog Candidate Search
Individuals that will be training their own assistance dog often come to us in need of locating that dog. We have located numerous puppies, adolescents and dogs that are great candidates for individuals to Owner Train. The Assistance Dog Candidate Search offers individuals our expertise in locating an assistance dog candidate for them to adopt or purchase to train.  We contact hundreds of rescues and breeders and facilitate this exhausting process. Once located, we immediately connect the partner with the current owner (whether breeder or rescue) to allow immediate adoption. Please note that a General Need Assessment must be conducted prior to the Assistance Dog Candidate Search.

Owner Training Private Lessons
Individuals that have a dog they are training to become an assistance dog either for themselves or for a family member can schedule Owner Training Private Lessons with director and trainer Linzey Zoccola.  Linzey has been training assistance dogs using only positive reinforcement methods since 2001. Private Lessons are scheduled per partner’s schedule ability, as well as the dogs needs.  They include ongoing evaluations and are located at PAD as well as in public.  A minimum of six (6) lessons must be scheduled.

Owner Training Group Classes
Individuals that are training a working dog (an assistance dog for themselves or a family member or a therapy dog) are required to join us for monthly Public Group Classes.  These classes feature teamwork training sessions, training games, training tips, discussion sessions and more.

Owner Training Assistance Dog Certification
Though not required by the American’s With Disabilities Act, PAD feels strongly that Owner Training assistance dog teams should meet the same standards that reputable assistance dog programs hold their teams to.  We offer full certification to all assistance dog teams. Individuals that would like to have their dog certified through us must pass our public access test, as well as provide copies of numerous documents regarding their dogs health and licensing. This certification lasts for up to two years and the team receives two (2) PAD identification cards, two (2) PAD public access letters and one PAD assistance dog ID tag for their dogs collar.

Please contact us for more information and specific fees incurred.