Team Training 2016!

Now, PAD Marcus (Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever cross bred by PAD) and PAD Fisher (Labradoodle, bred and donated by breeder Goode Life Poodles) are preparing for their forever partners! They are both matched with young women in manual wheelchairs, who will begin Team Training on August 1st, 2016!

LeahMarcus2016They will spend the next 4 months in Advanced Training, mastering tasks such as: retrieving items, opening doors, pulling manual wheelchairs, bracing transfers and so much more.  We are working hard every day to train these tasks, including tasks in their required, specialized mobility harnesses and must learn to work in these incredible harnesses.  No other harness is made with the canine body in mind!

CharlotteFisher5-1-16Additional costs are retrieving items, training treats, training outings, and most costly – Team Training!  Each partner receives a placement kit with dog food, monthly preventative medications, grooming gear, and leashes, treat bag, toys, and SO much more!

We have applied for numerous grants but Advanced Training and Team Training must be funded NOW for Marcus and Fisher to be ready for their partners!  Your donation will directly fund the final phase of training and placement for these 2 incredible dogs!

Your donation will directly support our need to cover their final phase of training, and Team Training!  Some ways your support will help:

  • $10 1 bag of high quality training treats
  • $15 1 bottle of ear cleaner

  • $25 1 month Flea & Tick Prevention

  • $30 1 treat bag

  • $35 1 month Heartworm Prevention

  • $60 1 month of high quality dog food

  •  $500 1 mobility support harness

You can donate directly via PayPal via the link on our homepage, or through Razoo!

When Action Meets Compassion, Lives change.

Updates: PAD Nantucket and Athena began working with their partners in March and April 2016.  They are making a huge difference in their lives every day for them.  PAD Nantucket is working with a young man with prolonged, complex depression.  PAD Athena is working with a young man with Autism.  They are living in Reading, PA and Atlantic City, NJ!  


KONG Wobbler Provides Stimulating Dinner!

With the holidays being busy, Dundee didn’t get as much training and play time as we’d like.  It is on days like this that we are so grateful for KONG.  A few months ago we received a larger than Dundee sized box full of donated KONG items, straight from the company.  The donations included lots of interactive food toys, including their latest invention, the Wobbler!  Tonight we placed 1 cup of Taste of The Wild kibble into the Wobbler and after having Dundee sit and wait like a gentlemen, released him.  This video was taken only seconds after he was given the “okay” to go investigate!  The dinner time, which out of a bowl only takes about two minutes, now involves problem solving and moving about for approximately 20 minutes!  Enjoy the video!

Trip to Christmas Village!

Dundee went on his first official PAD puppy training event today, and boy did he show off his skills.  Dundee did fabulous while we waiting for the other teams to arrive (about 15 minutes) even while crowds started forming lines around him, and speakers began blasting Christmas music (uncomfortably loud)!  Soon thereafter, Dundee had his first Dundee Christmas Trainingexperience of meeting another dog in public on leash.  PAD Sanuk is much older (6 months) and was very excited to have another dog with him at class.  While Sanuk’s handlers worked with him to get him to calmly join the class, Dundee sat and waited calmly.  Throughout the two hour visit he never got distracted by, or tried to play with Sanuk!  Way to go Dundee!  The majority of the event included meeting

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As we’ve mentioned before, it is crucial for Dundee and all working dogs to be extremely well socialized. Puppies brains’ by age 4 months of age, are 80% developed! That means everything that he Dundee Socializationlearns after that ismuch harder to teach it, and theoretically takes longer because you are some what changing the “wiring” of the dogs brain. While Dundee is learning a lot by experiencing life (sights, sounds, smells, etc) we balance this out so that we do not over whelm him, and stress him out.

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