Time for a Contest


Thanks for everyone for participating!

In order to best tailor PAD Dundee’s training to his specific traits and because we are curious, we had Dundee DNA tested. While we are anxiously awaiting the professional test results, we thought we’d start a little game.

The person who guesses most accurately what breeds make up Dundee’s genetic profile, will win a fabulous prize from Cody’s Creation’s!

PAD Dundee is 6 months old, 38.9 pounds and 22 inches tall. Here are three photos to use while guessing his breeds:


Here are the rules:

Each person can submit up to 3 breeds one time – so be sure to take your time and post your complete and final answer.

Answers must be posted on our blog or our Facebook fanpage.

Winner will be announced 48 hours after the DNA results arrive at PAD – notice will be given on our Facebook fanpage.

No negative feedback about other contestants “guesses” will be tolerated, individuals that do so will be disqualified immediately.

A Challenging Training Event for PAD Dundee

Dundee is five months old now, and working hard on all of his training.  One big outing for Dundee was when he was a great ambassador for puppies in training at a PAD booth.  This was a really long day of laying quietly, standing nicely for greetings, and because it was at That Fish Place (a big pet store) meeting LOTS of dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Dundee has been socializing with dogs a lot as a puppy so this training event was very important because he was asked to ignore all of the pet dogs.  Dundee far surpassed our expectations and proved he was ready for the challenge!

Dundee at the Puppies in Training Boothac

P.A.D. Cafe Press!

While PAD Dundee has been working hard on learning and practicing his skills and cues, we have set up a fabulous Cafe¬†Press shop! Now you can represent your pride for PAD by wearing a stylish tshirt with our logo on it, drinking out of a sleek mug with our logo on it, or even saving a few trees by using the grocery tote with our logo on it!! We hope you enjoy the shop, and keep an eye out for some exciting training entries about Dundee’s latest and greatest endeavors!

To see more or to purchase any of these great items please visit our Cafe Press page!

PAD Dundee

Dundee was donated to PAD by Animal Lifeline, located in York Springs, PA. ¬†He was raised in Lititz, PA by founder of PAD, Linzey Zoccola, her mom Gail Diem, and a handful of dedicated volunteer trainers. ¬†Dundee was preliminarily matched with his partner in the summer of 2011. ¬†Laurel is a young woman living in Metro Detroit, MI area with multiple disabilities. ¬†She needed a dog that would be able to provide a variety of tasks from medical alerting to balance work. ¬†October 2011 Laurel and Dundee finally met and it was love at first sight. ¬†PAD Dundee instantly attached himself at her side and has been there ever since. ¬†In just a few short months he’s begun to alert her of rises in her blood pressure and heart rate, asthma related episodes, and also provide uniquely timed grounding to calm her through medical episodes. ¬†These are all tasks on top of the counter balance work he provides during walking, and retrieving objects off of the ground or on counters out of reach! ¬†We are eager to watch this team grow in the future as their bond only strengthens!

Breed: Australian Shepherd Mixed Breed: Aussie, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhound, Keyshond, Swedish Vallhund

  • Getting to the bottom of the toy bin
  • Stealing all of the bones
  • Cuddling and playing with my best friend (a cat named Vincent)
  • Going in public with mom
Favorite Treats:

  • String Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Anything STINKY!
Favorite Links:

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More Photos:

























New Year, New Site!

Here at Phoenix Assistance Dogs we tend to get pretty excited over dog related things, new behaviors being taught, puppy breath, and well, the list could go on and on. Today, however, we are beyond ecstatic to announce our new website!

Founder and trainer, Linzey Zoccola, has managed to “create” and “manage” the website until as of late, when an incredibly benevolent PAD supporter offered to use his web designing skills as a way to help us out. No amount of money, dog kisses, or “thank you’s” could ever repay him. And to you, TJ – we are forever grateful for your hours, creativity, and talent. May you take this humble thank you and know that you are forever a core part of PAD!

And to each of our readers, we invite you to take a few moments and browse our new website, and the many new areas of it!

PAD Sanuk

PAD Sanuk is being trained by his owners to provide assistance to his handlers who are both therapists in schools that are for boys living with behavioral disabilities.  Sanuk is being trained to provide tactile stimulation, interrupt inappropriate behavior, and get help among many other tasks.

Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Meeting new people, especially when people greet him in public
  • Car rides
  • Playing with his famous sister Ripple
  • Going to school
  • Hiking & biking
  • Chewing anything he can get his teeth into
Favorite Treats:
  • Soup Bones
  • Soup Bones
  • Big Soup Bones
  • Vegetables
  • Turkey lunch meat (for power treats!)
Favorite Links:

More Posts on Sanuk: Here

More Photos: