Special Thanks

Our hearts were greatly touched by a kind act of one of our fans. Last week, Nikki Figular


author of raving blog, Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder contacted some companies that owned some products on our WishList.  This little act has (and will continue) to impact our program for many years to come.  Tawzer Dog generously donated both of the DVD’s by Emily Larlham!  These DVDS will be incredible tools for our volunteers in building their dog training skills!

Nikki had also contacted Zukes, who graciously sent us a package!  PAD Biscotti was eager to check out the box, but showed how mature he is getting by sitting next to it to say “Thank you!” to Nikki and Zukes!

Of course we were ecstatic to see that Zukes sent us the exact treats we use for training! And Biscotti was eager to say “thank you” again!

Thank you again to all involved in helping to bless our program, and us continue creating independence in so many lives.

PAD Ambassador Biscotti

PAD’s Godiva’s Biscotti “Scotti” has been honorably donated to our training program in loving memory of Linda Lou Witmer by the family of Nicole Conner.  PAD Biscotti has been selected for our Ambassador Dog program.  As a PAD ambassador, Biscotti’s role is to attend events, educate the public about assistance dogs and the laws surrounding them, and also meet any new partners waiting for a program assistance dog and work with them while they learn better canine handling skills, how to use the help of an assistance dog, and even practice their canine grooming skills!


Breed: Labrador Retriever (chocolate)


  • Working for treats
  • Getting snuggles from people and dogs
  • Chasing dog friends outside

Favorite Treats:

  • Wellness Just For Puppy Treats
  • Kibble

Favorite Links:

Facebook Fan Contest!

We are only 10 fans away from 1,000 fans!  In the spirit of the holidays, let’s have a little contest!  Whoever is first to get 10 friends, to become fans, wins a box of organic dog treats!

When you have 10 friends that have become fans, send us an email (info [at] padcentral.org) with their names.  We will check to confirm that they are fans and announce the winner!

Whoever is FIRST to get 10 fans wins the box of organic dog treats!

We will email the winner to get their mailing address and then ship the treats directly to them.



Have fun, and happy holidays!

PAD’s k9 Double Carob Treats (in a jar!)

We are selling PAD’s k9 Double Carob Treats (in a jar!) as a fabulous holiday fundraiser! These are beautifully hand crafted jars, including the dry ingredients to an irresistible organic dog treat recipe! This is an exclusive recipe (created by Linzey herself!) that is extremely versatile! This organic dough can be balled, cut into shapes, or rolled out and cut into tiny training treats! The jars are embellished with holiday flair and include the full recipe!


They make GREAT gifts for any dog lover on your holiday shopping list, and best of all are supporting our service dogs in training!


One jar is $15 or buy two for $25! Each jar yields 500 training treats or 50 2″ cookie cutter bones!

If you are interested in one of these great jars, contact the seller closest to you:

Northern Lancaster County: Linzey – linzey@gmail.com (please note: all sales through Linzey will require personal pick up on Sunday, December 4th between 11am and 6pm in Lititz)

Cumberland County: Erika -erika.evanko@gmail.com

Jars will be delivered to the local seller on Sunday, December 4th, you will coordinate with your seller for local pick up.


-We will only ship using UPS

-Send us an email at info@padcentral.org with:

-How many jars you want

-Your complete mailing address

-We will email you back with your total but will NOT ship jars until payment is received

-PayPal is the only accepted method of payment for shipping jars

PAD Finn

An Absolute Dream Come True

As our search began over a month ago, I never dreamed Linzey would have found such a great boy! Finn is amazing!  When I met Finn for the first time at the airport I knew he was the dog for Ashley and myself.  He greeted Ashley with kissed right away.
He entered our home with an abundance of love being given to us, and of course we returned it to him with may more.  He checked out his new home, his comfy new quilted bed, his two bins of toys and all of his yummy treats.  We all three decided we would have a bonding night and we all snugged and slept together the entire night.  Finn was in heaven, no crate, just a nice warm bed.  YEAH! He was perfect sleeping all night with Mommy and Sissy!
Finn began his service work on his first full day home.  Everyone in the waiting room at Ashley’s doctor were raving over his manners.  No correction was needed at any of our four appointments!  Such a rewarding feeling we had.  To have Finn at Ashley’s appointments was so comforting to her.
Today we taught Finn to go fetch the tennis ball, he is one happy boy!  He loves it!  Wayne (Finn’s breeder) told me he was soon ready, so we decided to try.  Way To Go FINN…We also go to our first training class with Miss Linzey today, everyone is so excited.
I want personally thank everyone who was involved in bringing Finn into our lives.  He truly is one amazing Australian Labradoodle.  So looking forward to the years we will have with him.  Continue to check back for more updates.
-Lorie Grim (Ashley and PAD Finn’s Mom)