PAD Dundee

Dundee was donated to PAD by <Animal Lifeline, located in York Springs, PA. ¬†He was raised in Lititz, PA by founder of PAD, Linzey Zoccola, her mom Gail Diem, and a handful of dedicated volunteer trainers. ¬†Dundee was preliminarily matched with his partner in the summer of 2011. ¬†Laurel is a young woman living in Metro Detroit, MI area with multiple disabilities. ¬†She needed a dog that would be able to provide a variety of tasks from medical alerting to balance work. ¬†October 2011 Laurel and Dundee finally met and it was love at first sight. ¬†PAD Dundee instantly attached himself at her side and has been there ever since. ¬†In just a few short months he’s begun to alert her of rises in her blood pressure and heart rate, asthma related episodes, and also provide uniquely timed grounding to calm her through medical episodes. ¬†These are all tasks on top of the counter balance work he provides during walking, and retrieving objects off of the ground or on counters out of reach! ¬†We are eager to watch this team grow in the future as their bond only strengthens!

Breed: Australian Shepherd Mixed Breed: Aussie, Irish Wolfhound, Italian Greyhound, Keyshond, Swedish Vallhund

  • Getting to the bottom of the toy bin
  • Stealing all of the bones
  • Cuddling and playing with my best friend (a cat named Vincent)
  • Going in public with mom
Favorite Treats:

  • String Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Anything STINKY!
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New Year, New Site!

Here at Phoenix Assistance Dogs we tend to get pretty excited over dog related things, new behaviors being taught, puppy breath, and well, the list could go on and on. Today, however, we are beyond ecstatic to announce our new website!

Founder and trainer, Linzey Zoccola, has managed to “create” and “manage” the website until as of late, when an incredibly benevolent PAD supporter offered to use his web designing skills as a way to help us out. No amount of money, dog kisses, or “thank you’s” could ever repay him. And to you, TJ – we are forever grateful for your hours, creativity, and talent. May you take this humble thank you and know that you are forever a core part of PAD!

And to each of our readers, we invite you to take a few moments and browse our new website, and the many new areas of it!

PAD Sanuk

PAD Sanuk is being trained by his owners to provide assistance to his handlers who are both therapists in schools that are for boys living with behavioral disabilities.  Sanuk is being trained to provide tactile stimulation, interrupt inappropriate behavior, and get help among many other tasks.

Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Meeting new people, especially when people greet him in public
  • Car rides
  • Playing with his famous sister Ripple
  • Going to school
  • Hiking & biking
  • Chewing anything he can get his teeth into
Favorite Treats:
  • Soup Bones
  • Soup Bones
  • Big Soup Bones
  • Vegetables
  • Turkey lunch meat (for power treats!)
Favorite Links:

More Posts on Sanuk: Here

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KONG Wobbler Provides Stimulating Dinner!

With the holidays being busy, Dundee didn’t get as much training and play time as we’d like.  It is on days like this that we are so grateful for KONG.  A few months ago we received a larger than Dundee sized box full of donated KONG items, straight from the company.  The donations included lots of interactive food toys, including their latest invention, the Wobbler!  Tonight we placed 1 cup of Taste of The Wild kibble into the Wobbler and after having Dundee sit and wait like a gentlemen, released him.  This video was taken only seconds after he was given the “okay” to go investigate!  The dinner time, which out of a bowl only takes about two minutes, now involves problem solving and moving about for approximately 20 minutes!  Enjoy the video!

Trip to Christmas Village!

Dundee went on his first official PAD puppy training event today, and boy did he show off his skills.  Dundee did fabulous while we waiting for the other teams to arrive (about 15 minutes) even while crowds started forming lines around him, and speakers began blasting Christmas music (uncomfortably loud)!  Soon thereafter, Dundee had his first < experience of meeting another dog in public on leash.  PAD Sanuk is much older (6 months) and was very excited to have another dog with him at class.  While Sanuk’s handlers worked with him to get him to calmly join the class, Dundee sat and waited calmly.  Throughout the two hour visit he never got distracted by, or tried to play with Sanuk!  Way to go Dundee!  The majority of the event included meeting

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As we’ve mentioned before, it is crucial for Dundee and all working dogs to be extremely well socialized. Puppies brains’ by age 4 months of age, are 80% developed! That means everything that he < learns after that ismuch harder to teach it, and theoretically takes longer because you are some what changing the “wiring” of the dogs brain. While Dundee is learning a lot by experiencing life (sights, sounds, smells, etc) we balance this out so that we do not over whelm him, and stress him out.

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