Lititz Farmers Market Dog Day!

We are really looking forward to joining the Lititz Farmers Market this Saturday for the Dogs Day event! We will be there from 8:00am – 12 noon with PAD Dundee and Cooper and would love to see some of you, and your dogs!!

The Lititz Farmers Market is located in the Susquehanna Bank parking lot at 9 North Water St, Lititz. If you take route 501 (Lititz Pike) you will turn onto Main St when you reach the square, less than a mile down Main St you will make a left onto Water St and the lot is about 250 ft after you have turned.

There are many great vendors there for all of delightful summer farmers market desires (fresh corn, blueberries, delightful strawberries and so much more!!) Check out the website for more information –

We are VERY grateful for the gals at Two Pups Pastries for organizing this event so be sure to check out their booth! Here is a look at the schedule for Saturday:

9am-10am Dog Show

10am-10:30am Sign up for our Dog Ice Cream eating contest

10:30-10:45 Ice Cream contest for dogs 30lbs and under

10:45-11am Ice Cream contest for dogs 31lbs and over

11:00am Cumberland Co Search and Rescue Dog Team Demo

We hope to see lots of you there!

Dundee & That Pet/Fish Place!

Contest is CLOSED

PAD Dundee was a great ambassador for PAD this passed Sunday at <That Fish Place/That Pet Place’s 38th Anniversary Sale!  He met lots of people, dogs, ferrets and cats all while remaining calm and relaxing!  TFP/TPP is the biggest pet store, and to celebrate their anniversary they’re having a contest!

Dundee’s photo made it into an album on their <Facebook Fanpage, and whichever picture earns the most votes (“likes”) wins a $150 gift card! This would be a huge help for us right now, as donations are REALLY down!  Please go to their <fanpage and become a fan! Then vote for Dundee’s <photo!  Share it with your facebook< friends too, and help us win!


Dundee & Shadowlight Group

In training all of our dogs, we spend a lot of time proofing basic obedience cues such as “sit”, “down”, “come” and so on. ¬†Today Dundee had a very special opportunity to practice his incredible training with <The Shadowlight Group ! ¬†Dundee was chosen to model in an advertisement for a <Lowes kitchen! ¬†Dundee, and the world’s greatest 7 year old model, Jordan worked very hard from 9am – 1pm to get the perfect shot. ¬†Dundee learned to follow cues from a child, be off leash in a public building while remaining focused and even got to learn to new cues! ¬†Jordan (who we’re hoping wants to volunteer as a dog trainer someday!) taught Dundee to “dance” – stand on his hand legs, and to “shake” or give his paw! ¬†At the end of the day we left with one tired puppy, who was very eager to take a long nap in his crate! ¬†We would like to thank everyone at The Shadowlight Group, Lowes and Jordan for their hand in Dundee’s future as an assistance dog!


Don’t forget to <enter what 3 breeds you think Dundee is before the DNA results come back for your chance to win a handmade dog or cat collar by <Cody’s Creations!!


Time for a Contest


Thanks for everyone for participating!

In order to best tailor PAD Dundee’s training to his specific traits and because we are curious, we had Dundee DNA tested. While we are anxiously awaiting the professional test results, we thought we’d start a little game.

The person who guesses most accurately what breeds make up Dundee’s genetic profile, will win a fabulous prize from Cody’s Creation’s!

PAD Dundee is 6 months old, 38.9 pounds and 22 inches tall. Here are three photos to use while guessing his breeds:


Here are the rules:

Each person can submit up to 3 breeds one time – so be sure to take your time and post your complete and final answer.

Answers must be posted on our blog or our Facebook fanpage.

Winner will be announced 48 hours after the DNA results arrive at PAD – notice will be given on our Facebook fanpage.

No negative feedback about other contestants “guesses” will be tolerated, individuals that do so will be disqualified immediately.