PAD’s Training Staff

Katie Watterson raised her first service dog puppy with UDS in 1999. She took various continuing education classes in dog behavior and training as well as her vast experience being a veterinary nurse from 1997-2016. Katie also taught puppy socialization and basic obedience classes from 2002-2010. Lastly, Katie has bred numerous litters and is the owner of Atlas, the stud to the Seaside Treasures!

<Jane Schappell raised 7 Seeing Eye puppies over about 9 years, then found clicker training. She was lucky enough to have well-known clicker trainer, Ali Brown, close by. She attended many of her various clicker classes with several dogs through which she had two of those dogs certified as Therapy Dogs. Her most recent training experience was raising/training PAD Marcus and she really enjoyed doing his advanced training. Jane also attended Clicker Expo in 2015.

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