Finn’s Transport Fee to PAD!

Ashley is only 11 years old, but she has lived more than many people ever
will. She is mature beyond her years, yet if you listen to her laugh you
know she is still but a child. Ashley wrote below about why it is important
for her to receive Finn, but we want to tell you a bit about why Finn is the
dog for Ashley.


Ashley’s needs range from physical to psychiatric. She is very limited in
her daily mobility due to severe fatigue and loss of balance and
coordination as well as moderately allergic to dogs. She has entire days
where she is unable to stand at all, and yet on her good days at a glance
Ashley’s mobility is much like another 11 year olds. Her immune system is
suppressed, and therefore Ashley cannot be exposed to environments like
elementary school. After over 15 long hospitalizations, Ashley’s emotional
needs began to really suffer. She is all too aware of the affects of her
medical condition on her family, and her maturity is beyond her years.
Ashley’s service dog will also mitigate her depression by being taught to do
deep pressure therapy, interrupt possibly harmful habits, and much more.

This made our quest to locate the correct puppy to be trained for Ashley
quite the challenge. We needed a dog likely to be hypoallergenic, tall and
sturdy, eager to learn, and very sensitive to emotions. We spent weeks
searching and evaluating puppies and adolescent dogs, and then Tortoise
Island Labradoodles contacted us, writing about a possible puppy they had
available for us.

Finn, they wrote, was remarkably smart, emotional, and eager to learn. He is
5 and 1/2 months old and the perfect height to ensure he will tall enough to
provide the balance work for Ashley. They wrote that Finn makes exquisite
eye contact, and is a big lap dog who seeks attention.

After dozens of email correspondence, including evaluations done via video
footage, we quickly realized that Finn was the puppy we have been searching
high and low for.

Unfortunately, Finn is located in Melbourne, FL and needs to be shipped to
PA. Finn is from an extremely renowned Australian Labradoodle breeder, who
is reducing his price greatly so that the Grim family can afford him.

We are trying to help the family raise the nearly $600 it will cost to
safely ship Finn here, to his girl, Ashley. Finn’s costs in shipping will be
a direct flight, a travel approved crate, and a required health certificate.

Please consider donating, and contact us if you live in PA and would like a
tax deductible receipt!

The ChipIn Link is:

PAD of Central PA’s mission is to to assist individuals living with a broad
range of disabilities in finding and training their own assistance dogs to
provide greater independence in their lives.

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