Time for a Contest


Thanks for everyone for participating!

In order to best tailor PAD Dundee’s training to his specific traits and because we are curious, we had Dundee DNA tested. While we are anxiously awaiting the professional test results, we thought we’d start a little game.

The person who guesses most accurately what breeds make up Dundee’s genetic profile, will win a fabulous prize from Cody’s Creation’s!

PAD Dundee is 6 months old, 38.9 pounds and 22 inches tall. Here are three photos to use while guessing his breeds:


Here are the rules:

Each person can submit up to 3 breeds one time – so be sure to take your time and post your complete and final answer.

Answers must be posted on our blog or our Facebook fanpage.

Winner will be announced 48 hours after the DNA results arrive at PAD – notice will be given on our Facebook fanpage.

No negative feedback about other contestants “guesses” will be tolerated, individuals that do so will be disqualified immediately.

3 thoughts on “Time for a Contest

  1. Oh, it’s so hard to pick only three breeds. Obviously some terrier, I’m going with wire-hair fox terrier, though JRT could be there. That’s based on coloring and face. The coat texture is a hard call,especially that feathery white-tipped tail. I think I’m going to guess collie. My third guess is St. Bernard but I can’t pinpoint why.

    Other ideas are GSD and Golden. Wow, I can’t wait to find out what he is!

  2. I’m going to hold off offering up my breed guesses for a moment. I have a request. Would you be willing to post a video of Dundee free playing? I would ideally like to see him moving from the side as well as from behind.


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