Trip to Christmas Village!

Dundee went on his first official PAD puppy training event today, and boy did he show off his skills.  Dundee did fabulous while we waiting for the other teams to arrive (about 15 minutes) even while crowds started forming lines around him, and speakers began blasting Christmas music (uncomfortably loud)!  Soon thereafter, Dundee had his first <experience of meeting another dog in public on leash.  PAD Sanuk is much older (6 months) and was very excited to have another dog with him at class.  While Sanuk’s handlers worked with him to get him to calmly join the class, Dundee sat and waited calmly.  Throughout the two hour visit he never got distracted by, or tried to play with Sanuk!  Way to go Dundee!  The majority of the event included meeting

Holiday characters and in doing that we learned that Dundee is hesitant but not necessarily fearful!  He willingly walked and sniffed each character, but if there was something else available to offer his attention to (a child, a person, etc) he chose to meet them instead.  The highlight of the event was Koziar’s Santa!  Dundee gave Santa many kisses, and then when his handler called his name he stopped to pose for the photo!  All in all, it was an incredible event for Dundee at a perfect age!

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