As we’ve mentioned before, it is crucial for Dundee and all working dogs to be extremely well socialized. Puppies brains’ by age 4 months of age, are 80% developed! That means everything that he <learns after that ismuch harder to teach it, and theoretically takes longer because you are some what changing the “wiring” of the dogs brain. While Dundee is learning a lot by experiencing life (sights, sounds, smells, etc) we balance this out so that we do not over whelm him, and stress him out.

Pictured above is a shot from a play date that Dundee had. We invited a stable, older, small breed puppy (Rocky is 9 months old) over to play and interact with Dundee. Rocky is a training to be a therapy dog, and has been socialized very well so he is the perfect dog to visit with Dundee! If Dundee met an aggressive dog at this stage of development it would be a very permanent memory for him.

The play-date went fabulous and the boys had a blast playing, taking breaking doing basic obedience, and running around together in the back yard! Thanks you Jackie and Rocky for the visit!

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